Host Edit page issue after F3.0/K4.2 upgrade

After completing the upgrade to version F3.0, I no longer see the Lifecycle Environment and Content View information when I edit a existing host, from All Hosts page. Registering a new host show Content Source not defined either. Even if I manually define this data (before they were completed automatically), they reappear empty when I return to this page.

However this host information is well defined on the Content Host Details page.

Expected outcome:

The Lifecycle Environment, and Content View information concerning each Host, should be kept saved on the Host Edit page, when these are defined manually (or automatically as in the previous versions, after defining the HostGroup).

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.0.0

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman-tasks 5.1.0
foreman_ansible 6.4.1
foreman_chef 0.10.0
foreman_docker 5.0.0
foreman_puppet 1.0.3
foreman_remote_execution 4.7.0

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7 release 7.9.2009

Other relevant data:

I think the patch in this pull request will fix the issue if you’d like to apply it to your server - it’s a one-liner. Otherwise it’ll be included in the Katello 4.2.1 release after 4.2 is out of RC

After you apply, you need to systemctl restart foreman

Thank you very much !!
I modified this file:
and I restarted foreman service.
This action corrected the related to Lifecycle Environment, and Content View information; but for most of the hosts Content Source is still empty.

Thanks once again, in advance if you have another suggestion for me.

I went through each HostGroup to explicitly relate them to the corresponding Content Source and everything looks fine now.

Thank you very much !!! :+1:

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