Host register for running machine

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to configure an automatic listing for the existing machines.
Please let me know if I should follow the same procedures at the video but with ansible module?
I would like to create automation that will run automatically registration ( I can see the hosts in foreman but I didn’t register the host)
Global Registration Deep Dive- Global Registration Deep Dive - YouTube


Hi @shaycohen11

I am not familiar with the Ansible way. If you use the Global Registration it will generate a curl command for you that you can pass to multiple systems that you want to use that activation key on. I guess you could pass that to Ansible as a command/shell argument.

Thanks I am creating module of ansible to do it

There’s no real need to make a module for that. The existing modules for subscription manager can take care of registering a system to Foreman.

  1. Configure /etc/rhsm/rhsm.conf to point to the foreman server/smartproxy
  2. Run a 2 tasks like:
- name: 'Ensure katello-ca-consumer'
    name: "http://{{ rhsm_foreman_server }}/pub/katello-ca-consumer-latest.noarch.rpm"
    state: 'present'
    disable_gpg_check: true
  when: rhsm_server_type != 'cdn'

- name: 'Register system'
    state: 'present'
    org_id: "{{ rhsm_organization }}"
    activationkey: "{{ rhsm_activation_key }}"
    server_hostname: "{{ rhsm_foreman_server }}"
    force_register: "{{ rhsm_force_register }}"

The role this came from is on github :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

When you run role / playbook against host, with foreman_ansible callback host is automatically created in the Foreman. Maybe that’s the way you want to go