Host status icons not showing correct status

Host status icon stays green when host is active, pending, or out of sync. Error status icon is showing ok.
Same issue in Firefox, Chrome, & Explorer.

Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Name : foreman
Version : 1.22.0
Name : foreman-proxy
Version : 1.22.0
Name : ansible (on remote server)
Version : 2.6.2

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Name : rubygem-smart_proxy_ansible
Version : 2.1.2
Name : tfm-rubygem-foreman_ansible
Version : 3.0.2
Name : tfm-rubygem-foreman_ansible_core
Version : 3.0.0

Other relevant data:


Any help with this issue?

Is it known? or am I the only one experiencing it?

Hey, I don’t see anything incorrect on the two screens. Both Configuration Active and Pending are valid OK states, thus the icon is green. Provide more screenshots where you find an issue.

All the hosts in the first screenshot above are active as they have applied changes, so I would assume the icons should be blue, unless something has changed since my current 1.7.5 version. Here are screenshots with the report showing applied changes, but the host icon is still green.

The host from the second screenshot has applied configuration changes, therefore we show green icon. Everything is ok. The host status icon is to represent warnings or errors. @ekohl ?

So it has changed from version 1.7.5, which shows a blue icon when a host has applied changes. This seems like a step backwards as being able to see which hosts are applying changes and which are not from any list is an advantage.

I think this was changed because our new design did not have such an icon. Feel free to send a patch if that bothers you.

That has changed, since the main status on host index no longer represents puppet status only. The so called global state is simply green, yellow, red. All substatuses, such as configuration (puppet), maps values to one of these three. Both active and no changes best fit to green as it’s generally OK

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