Host without domain appears in duplicate under Foreman1.2 (one with hostname, one with hostname + .)


I have an issue, it appears it since we update Foreman 1.2 (almost certain)

We have some host that don't have domain, so they just have their hostname.
But now, after they get some classes and already run, we see them twice in
For exemple if I have a host named 'test1', I will have in the list 'test1'
and 'test1.' with data only on test1., test1 appear in grey, not member of
any group anymore.
But the certname and hostname fact are rights : test1. I check on
puppetmaster, there is no reports for such clients.

Do you see from where it's coming ?
I know, no domain is bad, but we don't have choice, we are following
customers requests, if they use domain we put it, for those don't want, we
are not using them. (Everything is right for host with domain)

Fore puppet report working, we have modified the file
/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/facter/fqdn.rb to send hostname in case there
is not domain.

Thanks for your help,