Hostgroups parameter editing misbehaving

Hostgroup has an overridden host parameter, works fine.
If i go to override a second parameter, the first one blanks out.

I’ve tried removing all overrides, saving and re-overriding - same behaviour.
Screenshot at bottom of a hostgroup where I’ve only hit override on both parameters, nothing else done.
If i try to Submit, it errors out due to not allowing empty parameter, if i type in the correct name again, it errors out due to it already being taken. If i remove it, it un-overrides it and same behavious if i try to override again.
I can input a new parameter just fine, but latest overridden parameter persistently overrides a previously overriden parameter.

Seems to me that extracting the puppet module severely broke hostgroups as this is the 3rd bug in hostgroups i’ve found so far.

Expected outcome:
Overriding parameters works for more than 1 parameter.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
latest 3.0 and katello 4.2 (yum update run prior to testing)

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

Same thing happens on the Host page ( Host → Parameters → override ). Latest click of the Override button inserts a blank line and whatever existed before gets overwritten with whatever parameter was overridden last.

I have the same issue with Foreman 3.0.1 and Katello, all patched as of today. This appears to be an issue with the user interface only (multiple browsers tested). As a workaround though, you can still use the command line to make changes and the override properly works. For example, to override a boolean hostgroup parameter on a specific host:

hammer host set-parameter --host hostname --name myparameter --parameter-type boolean --value true

You can also use the following to update the values on hostgroups:

hammer hostgroup set-parameter

As this is a little less convenient than the UI, it is at least a workaround until a fix has been made.

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I am still having this issue with the latest versions, Foreman 3.2.0 and Katello 4.4.0. Is anyone else still seeing this problem? I would have thought that it would be fixed by now having been 5 months since it was first seen.

Just updated to latest version of katello/foreman (4.4.z/3.2.z) and the problem is still there.
Overriding any parameter just inputs an empty row.

This should be fixed “soon”.

Thank you very much for the heads up, evgeni! Much appreciated.