Hosts RAM details buggy

A few strange things I noticed with the RAM hardware details for my VM’s.
Ex, Have VMware VM with 4 GB of RAM and the host details page show:

On the Hosts page and I do manage columns and “Reported data” and select RAM I see for the same VM:

So the HW properties shows 1 GB too much and the “Reported data” RAM value is for some reason has some rounding problems and shows 3.83 GB instead of 4 GB.

On Foreman 3.6.1/Katello 4.8.4

The HW properties card reports RAM specifically from the fact dmi::memory::maximum_capacity. The “Reported data” value comes from the host’s reported data facet, which from my reading of our code may come from Ansible, Puppet, or another fact parser.

@Marek_Hulan Do we need to update where the HW Properties card gets its data?

cc @cintrix84

3.83 GB and 4 GB can often be explained by the crash kernel: Chapter 7. Kernel crash dump guide Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 | Red Hat Customer Portal is the EL7 guide for it.

The additional GB: perhaps you increased the memory capacity on the VM, but live resizing is not supported? You may need to turn the machine off and turn it back on. Setting the correct virtual hardware can allow you to live add memory, depending on your guest OS.

I don’t think this is true. Hardware properties go via the compute resources, in this case talking directly to VMware API. Reported data is extracted from facts, which comes from sources such Ansible, Puppet, or RHSM.

To be able to add CPU/Memory on the fly in VMware, when you make the VM, you want to drop down both the CPU and Memory dropdown and make sure the check boxes are selected for:

CPU Hot Plug
Memory Hot Plug

You will need to power off the VM, check those boxes and power it up, after that you should be able to add more CPU/Ram on the fly. Each OS has a limit of how much can be added so it does not cause a crash with the Kernel or in Windows.

None of my hosts are provisioned by Foreman, only added to Foreman after the fact using the “Register Host” curl command. Tried to look for a pattern comparing HW properties to OS but it seems for some hosts it is correct but for most it is either 1 GB wrong or totally wrong like 257 GB instead of configured 16 GB and for some all that information is totally empty.
The issue is only for VM’s running in VMware. Have 100+ VM’s using AHV (Nutanix) as hypervisor and all of them are good.
If I register a server with 1 GB of RAM, 1 GB of RAM is shown in “HW properties”.
If I register a server with 2 GB of RAM, 2 GB of RAM is shown in “HW properties”.
If I register a server with 4 GB of RAM, 5 GB of RAM is shown in “HW properties”.
If I register a server with 8 GB of RAM, 9 GB of RAM is shown in “HW properties”.

I am seeing the same thing on my downstream satellite with an 8gb VM being reported as 9GB.

Filed an issue, will take a look later this week and see what is going on

We recognized the following today:


a loooot of disks :slight_smile:

this one could be Bug #36344: Host UI Details has storage unit set to disks not Bytes - Foreman

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Shouldn’t we then just replace disk to bytes or convert the bytes to GB?

I can work on getting these fixes in @jeremylenz if you want?

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sure sounds great!