HoundCI comments


(TL;DR: Rebase your PRs on develop before pushing)

As some of you may have noticed, we have enabled Hound CI[1] for checking
both rubocop (for ruby) and eslint (for new javascript) in Foreman core.
However, if the .hound.yml is not present in the branch that you are
requesting a pull from, hound will use its default settings which does not
match ours, which will lead to many unrelated comments on your PR.
So, before your next push for a PR, please make sure you have rebased it on
the latest develop (which is a good idea in general).
There is still an issue with eslint running on old js code (under
app/assets/javascript) which will hopefully be resolved soon, feel free to
disregard any comments related to js except for new code under the webpack/
​[1] ​https://houndci.com

··· -- Have a nice day, Tomer Brisker Red Hat Engineering