How do I add files that puppet can source?

I have a puppet module synching from puppetforge and I want to add some custom scripts to use for the userparameters. (

When you are using Hiera or The Foreman, you can use it like this:

source: puppet:///modules/zabbix/mongo.conf

Where do I put the mongo.conf?

Or do I have to clone/edit the module and import it with the files instead of synching with puppetforge?

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Katello 3.10/Foreman 1.20

You have several options here:
a) You can fork/modify the upstream module, but that is probably not a very good idea if you want to update that module in the future
b) You can create a dummy module that contains only an empty init.pp and your conf file. This is somewhat ugly from a puppet perspective but should work.
c) You can switch from the puppet:// protocoll to file:// or http:// and store the file on a universally acessicible network filesystem or webserver.

Those are all the options I can currently come up with, maybe there are more.
Still, this is more a Puppet related question than Foreman. Foreman just helps you to get the variable set.

The other option (which is applicable for this module) is the content parameter instead of source. Then you can inline the content.

Sorry for the delay, I work a lot externally.

Thanks for the feedback I’m going to try some things. I was trying to think of a way of using the “File Repositories” of the Content view for this.

But the options above will do.