How do smart class parameters apply to modules in relation to config files?


Thanks to whoever provided this resource, I've found some of these posts
invaluable to me in setting up Foreman/Puppet for the first time.

Having never used puppet before, and wanting a way to easily manage and
maintain some uniformity within a development lab that I am working on for
a cluster build out, I found Foreman and loved the reporting capabilities
off the bat.

I would love it if I could also use foreman to control puppet modules, but
have been struggling with understanding how to make modifications to
default smart class parameters within Foreman so that the module that I've
added, specifically the camptocamp/accounts add-on available on forge.

The documentation for utilizing Foreman for this module seems non-existant,
so I guess I'd like to know how I might manipulate each value within
Foreman's smart class parameter to add my users and manage my SSH key's
using this or another module.

Right now, I've not been able to get past an error that seems to say my
changes made in Foreman aren't being presented correctly to puppet,
Error 400 on SERVER: can't convert nil into Hash at

If the way I'm passing in default variables for user accounts is wrong, I'm
open to any suggestions!

Thanks for any help.