How does Katello handles yum errors?

Hi everyone,

Reading Katello docs I see that one could:

"See a list of installed packages
Perform a yum install/update/remove of a Package or Package Group
Update all packages (equivalent of running ‘yum update’)"

I don’t have an installation of Katello yet and I’m curious if Katello would handles/show errors on any of this processes? Are yum errors showed on Katello somehow?

Also, there are some cases in the past where I have encountered that a yum update leaves some .bak files during a package upgrade, is there way I can found these files were created using Katello or Puppet?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

If you are using Katello UI to install packages, then we have 2 methods. Via an agent you can install, or agentless using foreman’s remote execution (ssh or ansible). The latter shows more detail, as you see the output of yum. The former you just find out if package install succeeded/failed. I believe yum tells you if it’s created .bak or .rpmsave files in it’s output, but we don’t track that information specifically.

  • Stephen