How get host's ip address from foreman database in puppet manifest

> Please help.
> I read this note
> How i can get host's ip address from foreman?
> The following expression $hostlist = database foreman("hosts", "name =
> ${fqdn}") put this result:
> [{"host"=>{"operatingsystem_id"=>9, "id"=>23, "hostgroup_id"=>1,
> "name"=>"sphinx1.torg.local"}}]
> But what query get host's ip from database?

Currently the host info that is return is pretty limited (there is a
different response when calling for a collection of hosts vs a single host

  • which would yield much more info about the system).

if you are looking for the ip, I suggest you use facts base search instead
for now, or, you can add / change the function to query for a single host
instead of using a search (e.g. query /hosts/fqdn instead of


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