How to add a standalone licensed server to existing katello which services VM licensed hosts

Problem: I have a katello setup that services two virtual datacentres (VMware), each with their own RedHat license. This license requires the use of virt_who to manage the number of hosts subscribed using each license. I’ve been asked to subscribe a new standalone bare-metal server and give it access to all the usual RedHat repo’s we already have sync’ed. This server is owned by another (co-located) organisation and has its own RedHat license owned by them. I want this server to be able to access the RedHat repositories that all the VM hosts can.

Expected outcome: The new bare-metal host can access the same RedHat repositories as the VM hosts

Foreman and Proxy versions: 1.24.3-1.el7

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: unsure

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data: If I try to subscribe this new server, it will be added to content hosts but its status is “unentitled”. I’m fairly new to katello and have inherited this from someone who is no longer with the organisation, but I “think” I may need to create a new organisation and import the other organisation’s license manifest but would appreciate any feedback on how I might achieve this.

Hey there @amhulli!

Can you try to make sure the baremetal system is registered to your foreman server, and then attach the appropriate subscriptions using either the web UI or ‘subscription-manager attach --auto’?

If the organization your hypervisor is in has subscriptions available you just need to attach a subscription to it providing the content that you want.

Good luck

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