How to DELETE resource defined on compute profile?

Within Foreman 1.19 I can populate a compute profile, and then define the per-resource configurations within the computer profile.

Later if we deprecate/decomm a compute resource, I can’t “remove” it from the compute profile. It seems once it is defined it’s defined forever?

I’m looking for a “delete” button when I select a compute profile in the UI and am presented with a list of defined and undefined compute resources for said profile, but it doesn’t seem to exist?

I don’t want to delete the whole resource, as other profiles are still using it.

Reason? Our “Oracle” compute profile now has dedicated vcenters (resources) for licensing purposes. I want to remove the “old” resource config/definition on the “Oracle” compute profile but keep the resource and it’s definition on my “rhel7” compute profile working as it does currently…

Foreman 1.19.1 specifically…