How to get Foreman 2.0.0 and Katello 3.15 to create DNS entries for Content Hosts

I installed foreman (via personal ansible scripts) to be a DNS server for my environment

- name: install foreman
  shell: >
    --scenario katello 
    --certs-ca-expiration={{ ca.expiration }} 
    --certs-city="{{ }}" 
    --certs-country="{{ }}" 
    --certs-expiration={{ certs_expiration }} 
    --certs-org="{{ }}" 
    --certs-org-unit="{{ ca.org_unit }}" 
    --certs-state="{{ ca.state }}" 
    --foreman-initial-admin-password="{{ admin_pass }}" 
    --foreman-proxy-dns={{ foreman_proxy.dns }} 
    --foreman-proxy-dns-interface={{ foreman_proxy.dns_interface }} 
    --foreman-proxy-dns-zone={{ foreman_proxy.dns_zone }} 
    --foreman-proxy-dns-reverse={{ foreman_proxy.dns_reverse }} 
    --foreman-proxy-dns-forwarders={{ foreman_proxy.dns_forwarders[0] }} 
  become: yes
  register: foreman_install_result

I create the Content environment, views, products, keys, etc.
When I register the servers, they show up in the Content View

However, I don’t appear to have DNS entries…

Expected outcome:
Am I missing a step, or do Content Hosts not create DNS entries in the smart proxy?

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman v2.0.0
Smart Proxy v2.0.0

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Katello 3.15

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7 2003

Other relevant data:

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