How to install Foreman with Katello manually

Hey all!

You have an amazing, great tutorial how to install Katello here, but is there any guide on how to do all the steps without using foreman-installer?

Background of this question is that I am curious on how it would be possible to install the whole shebang on another platform than those supported by the installer tool. I´ve been trying to follow the logic by the installer tool to reverse-engineer the process but I don´t know how to follow the logic of it and feels quite obfuscated to me, because I don´t know how it works.

If I knew what it did, it would be a first step to make the tool work on the platform in question, to make it more official.

Thanks in advance!


Generally speaking, no. The install is complex with a lot of steps and manually performing them would be tough. There are a few users that have manually applied the puppet modules.

Are you able to share what platform or installation scenario you’d are looking to perform? That might enable us to give more guidance on how you could attempt this.


Well, you know, for starters it´s just for fun and giggles, trying out something new. I can be a bit of masochist sometimes and get a feel for a bit of pain and suffering :rofl:

I´ve been keeping this page here sort-of up to date (not really) on how to install Foreman in FreeBSD and it would be fun to document the procedure for an even more complex application.

If you read the guide, you´ll see that I´m no stranger to a lot of steps and manual configuration :grin: