how to interact with 3rd party server when provisioning|deleting|rebuilding a host?

What I'm asking about is hopefully something that Foreman already does and
I'm sure some of you have a similar solution ot the problem I'm describing
here. I have a 3rd party inventory management system that accepts API
calls to add|delete|change devices that it is responsible for keeping track
of. I would like to get Foreman to do the following two things:

  1. When I click 'submit' upon adding a new host or provisioning a
    discovered host, I would like Foreman to wget or curl (or some other
    ruby-way of doing this) a URL with the API call, and plug in variables to
    the URL.
  2. When I click 'delete' on a host, I would like Foreman to again send
    an API call, plugging in variables where appropriate.

Since I am developing the solution, https posts are not required, it's just
the easiest way I think it can be done.

Thanks, and all ideas are welcome to help me noodle this out! :slight_smile:

any ideas?

did you look into the foreman hooks plugin?


ยทยทยท On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 4:02 PM, lawre wrote:

any ideas?