How to provision discovered host without build (without OS installation)?

Example: i have a machine with damaged MBO or onboard LAN. I must replace machine asap. So, i do following procedure:

  • discover new machine with identical hardware
  • while FDI still running on discovered hosts, i swap the disks: take out empty ones, ant put in disks from old machine
  • in “provision host” dialog, i select same OS as on old machine
  • clear checkbox on “Build Mode”

Machine reboots, but instead of booting form disk, it goes to build, boots installer and overwrite disks with fresh OS.

Expected outcome:
Machine should be booted from disk immediately after provision if “Build Mode” is set to false.

Am I doing something wrong (again)? :slight_smile:

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Discovery 15.0.0

Sounds like a bug, but there is an easy way out. On the host detail page, click on Cancel build and you should be fine.