How to remove orphaned packages after repository deletion?

The EPEL repository was synced and downloaded to the foreman-katello server and I want to remove it because of it’s substantial size on disk but all the information I find so far indicates this will leave all ~23k packages in place. I found some information regarding pulp-admin, I don’t know if that is a supported way to accomplish this because I can’t even retrieve a list of repositories using pulp-admin and I’m not sure where it logs errors. Is there a recommended way to remove packages after a repo is deleted or am I stuck with them? Thanks.

Foreman and Proxy versions:


Did the same thing here, had to recreate a couple of big repos and after removing them I see only a small drop in disk space usage and 0 drop in disk usage on my remote smart proxies. Removed the repos about 12 hours ago and sync has ran for the smart proxies since then and no change in disk usage.
Is there a way to check into this further?

Just a quick update, after readding the deleted repos, no additional space was taken so looks like it managed to “find” that the packages was already on storage.