How to Rename Smart Variables - How to Preset Variables Before Use by Import?


I am pretty new to Foreman, but is there a way to do this or is it a big
hole in Foreman?

1.) I have a var named: "my_whole_module_name_install_base"

This var is set and overriden in places in the Foreman UI for different
Host Groups.

I later decide I want to rename it to: "install_base"

Is there a way to global smart variable search and replace
"my_whole_module_name_install_base" -> "install_base" ??

Problem: once I change my puppet code and "import" it, all my variables are
now screwed up.

I also need a way to "Import" the new vars, search and replace old to new,
let it go to be used.

2.) This is also a problem for simply adding a new var.
How can I preset them before or during an Import so they can be preset
I let them fly and be used by puppet runs?

This looks like a big problem unless there is some way to do it that I do
not know yet.

Stan Towianski