How to subscribe to CI plugin failures


I would like to receive email (or IRC ping) every time test_plugin_foreman_discovery_develop [Jenkins] fails. How can I achieve that?

Also I would like to increase how often plugins are tested if there were no commits, by default I think this is weekly, I would appreciate if this was nightly or at least three times a week.


Our Jenkins jobs are maintained in git and uses jenkins-job-builder.

For your particular case the tests are defined here:

That uses a template that’s used for all plugins.

What you want to add is a publisher.

Thanks, I could not find any email example. In the docs, I read that an “email plugin is required”. Do we have such plugin installed?

I would love to have an email, I know, very oldschool but it works for me… :slight_smile:

Yes, we’ve used that in the past.

Thanks, I noticed we have IRC bot and I have configured my highlights to be informed. That should do it.

So today I missed another test failure and I really need an email, IRC is not enough. My understanding is I can only subscribe to ALL plugin jobs. I can live with that, but instead hardcoding my email there, I would like to propose creating an email alias or mailing list named ci@theforeman_org so people could freely be added or removed.

@mcorr do you happen to know who has permissions to our google account with our mailing lists? we still ue security mailing lists, adding new user is a quick operation, we could create a list there.

No! I’ll ask Greg.

We have Infra & CI - TheForeman and Jenkins reports there. I’d prefer that over sending email to a mailing list. Would that be OK for you?

That is actually a great idea. I see there is a groovy code to do that, shall I reuse that helper or can I simply make a regular email notification to that address?