How to use "non-pxe" provisioning template


Don't worry, just figured out, there are 2 provisioning templates needed,
one of the kind PXELinux or gPXE to actually make the machine boot, and the
provisioning one that contains the anaconda instructions.

Case closed here.


··· On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 4:26 PM, Samir Cury wrote:

Dear users,

After some debugging and a lot of inconclusive searches, I come here to
ask for some guidance.

I’m starting to use Foreman(+Puppet) to replace Rocks, so I’m somewhat
used to the underlying technology, but I’m bumping in a conceptual problem
from Foreman maybe.

I’m trying to use the “Kickstart default” provisioning template, by
associating the OS and Host Group / Environment to this provisioning
template. When I go to the host to edit it, I get the message :

Unable to save
No PXELinux templates were found for this host, make sure you define at
least one in your CentOS 6.4 settings”

And if I define both “Kickstart default” and “Kickstart default PXELinux”,
I get the same as only PXELinux, clearly not the desired effect.

Any hint on how can I do that?


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