HTTPBoot feature is lost after Forman upgrade from 2.4 onwards

Problem: I upgraded Foreman master and Foreman Proxy from version 1.24.x to version 2.5. Earlier, I was able to see “HTTPBoot” in features of Foreman master and proxies but from version 2.4 onwards, HTTPBoot is no more there and new feature “Registration” shows up. My question is how to make sure HTTPBoot is enabled and visible in all Foreman master and proxies. Btw, I dont have katello in this setup.

Expected outcome:
Foreman master and proxies should show “HTTPBoot” in features enabled.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

I recall we changed the feature a bit. At some point it was automatically turned on if tftp was enabled, but this was changed to explicit enablement. So you may need to run foreman-installer --foreman-proxy-httpboot true.


Thanks a lot… that helped and enabled HTTPBoot option in my Foreman Proxy version 2.5.2.