I can't add my deb package to the repository

I can’t add my deb when I try to add my package to the repository, an error appears
{‘non_field_errors’: [ErrorDetail(string=‘sha384 checksum must be unique.’, code=‘unique’)]}
foreman Error during upload: The time waiting for task d8fdbe57-542a-4df8-961d-5cbada00e7d6 to finish exceeded the ‘foreman_tasks_sync_task_timeout’ (120s)
Expected outcome:
added package
Foreman and Proxy versions:
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Other relevant data:

Can you add the full backtrace?

Sounds like Katello is trying to upload an artifact that already exists in Pulp.

but I created a separate repository for this package, or do you mean that the package remained on the server after the first unsuccessful addition of this package? and how to find him now, then?

judging by the date of changes, nothing new was added

Pulp de-duplicates physical storage, so if the same package/file exists in multiple repositories there will still only be one single Pulp artifact. Of course if you upload a package and the artifact for that package already exists, it should just use that existing artifact rather than throwing an error, so I am not sure exactly what is going on here.

You could try using pulp-admin orphan remove, which deletes any artifacts that are no longer referenced from any repositories and then try again.

I have now completely renamed the package. Now the error is like this

Now I tried to put the same package on foreman 2.1 with pulp2 on board. There are no errors, the package was successfully added. But the package does not want to be added to the new foreman 2.4 with pulp 3 on board. maybe someone still knows what the problem might be?