I don't understand what to do

Attempt to provision a server, using PXE, with Ubuntu, (not server version, just normal ubuntu). I’ve been able to provision servers with Rocky8.7 just fine, but I don’t know what templates to use with Ubuntu or even what bootloader to use or anything. And I either get an error with it expecting “Kernal needed to be loaded first” or HTTP Error that it “can’t download the URI file”. I have done my best to try to search Google but most of my searches led to dead ends or NOT well-documented information that remotely sounds like anything I am trying to do. I’ve tried Grub2 UEFI, LinuxUEFI, HTTP Boot, and just about every other boot method listed. And since I don’t understand how the templates, I’d like to just be told which ones I need to use to make Ubuntu PXE boot and install.

Expected outcome:
Provision Server with Ubuntu 20.04

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman Version:3.4.1
Foreman_puppet Version: 4.1.0

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
BMC Version: 3.4.1
DHCP Version: 3.4.1
DNS Version: 3.4.1
Discovery Version: 1.0.5
HTTPBoot Version: 3.4.1
TFTP Version 3.4.1

Distribution and version:
Rocky 8.7 minimal.

Other relevant data:
These are the errors the server is giving me when I try to PXE Boot for Ubuntu.

Which Z-Release are you trying to deploy? My understanding is that things have changed with 20.04.3+; maybe @bastian-src is familiar with this error message.

I’m not familiar with the error, but it seems to be an error with the installation media which happens typically if you want to use the “old” installer for 20.04.3+ provisioning as @maximilian mentioned already.

If that’s the case, please have a look at the instructions mentioned here:

What version of Ubuntu provision does Foreman still support? Do I take it that newer versions of Ubuntu aren’t supported at the moment? Or we’re waiting for support?

Every Foreman version supports provisioning Ubuntu up to 20.04.2 (since this is the last version that uses the debian-installer). From then on (Ubuntu 20.04.3+ → including 20.04.4 and all 22.04 versions), new templates are needed which support Ubuntu Autoinstall.
Only Foreman 3.4+ has full support for installing these new template types. Foreman 3.3 has some preliminary support already, but it is not as dynamic as in 3.4.

Well I’ve tried to use some of the auto-install scripts, and haven’t had much luck getting it to work, so unless I am just plan dumb, I don’t know what script to assign to my ubuntu install, and I was trying to use a local install of the iSO. Unless you can pick a specific mirror to use from the link provided for Ubuntu in the foreman interface.

As mentioned earlier, there have been breaking changes introduced in Ubuntu 20.04.3. So, in order to provide some help, can you tell us which exact Ubuntu version you try to deploy?
If you want to use the latest version of Ubuntu 20.04, it is probably 20.04.5 which makes use of the new Autoinstall mechanism. Therefore, you must follow the instructions mentioned here:

Let me know if you run into problems afterwards or while performing any of the steps :slight_smile: