Idea: PR author & reviewer checklist


I am playing with an idea to come up with a checklist: things to check during filing a PR (for author) and during PR review (for reviewer). We could incorporate this in some form in the PR description template because GH supports interactive checkboxes just like Discourse.

Now, I have something on mind, but I would like to gather other opinions first before I come up with a particular proposal. So the question is simple. What’s on your checklist when you do PR review? Few examples:


  • The RM ticket opened on correct project.
  • No new dependency introduced.
  • Feel free to contact me on IRC for faster turnover (nick: ______)


  • Is RM ticket number and title/description correct?
  • Is RM ticket opened?
  • Is ticket filed for the relevant project?
  • Are the code changes relevant to description?

Feel free also to provide some context and explanation, we’d need to keep the description short but we can provide a link to a page explaining all the items in more detail and most importantly what to do when something is not aligned (e.g. how to add new dependency package etc).