I'm confused

after spending 6 days with first learning to pxe boot with tftp and installing Foreman, I wanted to start looking at Katello. Now the first thing I read on the Katello install guide is that I can’t install Katello on my existing Foreman install. I made a syncpoint and tried any way… bummer… setting back to synpoint. Made a new vm and installed Foreman with Katello as described in the Katello install guide. I was surprized that I didn’t run into the same issues as with the Foreman installation. For example the PosrgreSQL init problem. Everything appeared to run smoothly. Until I wanted to test provision my first system. Now I ran into the “Validation failed: Puppet environment can’t be blank” problem. While googeling I found the following solution ? Bug #15772: Errors during content view promotion "Validation failed: Puppet environment can't be blank". - Katello - Foreman -> https://gist.github.com/jlsherrill/2dd11592853885643251 . I don’t understand what I have to do with the code below foreman-rake console… enter it somewhere ?

My ultimate goal is to do unattendend provisioning of virtual systems, them install different software using Katello on to them… what’s the next issue/surprize that I can expect ?

another thing that confuses me is that I’ve read that Foreman can do the dhcp, tftp part. Is there any documentation on how that has to be setup ?

and why can’t I edit my own forum entries after a few minutes ?

the foreman-rake console will start the interactive console and you can use it to execute the code in the gist.

You can find out about DHCP and TFTP in the smart proxies section of the manual. The default installation deploys a proxy together with your foreman server, but you can install additional ones. You can see what your proxies and features they have in UI, Infrastructure -> Smart Proxies

Foreman :: Manual for example. We are not good in documenting stuff, help us!

Because people do read those via email and the moment you edit stuff the email was already sent. We do allow 5 minutes for typos but not more. Let us know if you need some change and we will review that.