Import / export foreman/katello data as CSV files

I've demoed this in the past and mentioned it, but wanted to mention it again since it was just moved to katello github project.

This is a hammer CLI plugin that allows a file like this

Name,Count,Organization,Environment,Operating System,Architecture,MAC Address,Domain,Partition Table,255,Mega Corporation,Development,RHEL 6.4,x86_64,"01:FE:B5:E0:70:%02x",,RedHat default

create 255 hosts in foretello.

At this point, not all resource types work and their are many aspects missing. I have, however, found it very useful in my development environment: Simply export what's in the setup currently, reset database, import CSV, and go! This too will be seeing some attention by other groups in the coming weeks as a possible approach to some Satellite-6 product aspects.

Code, wiki, and issues welcome. Find help on #theforeman-dev irc

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