In Foreman, some features are not fully reflected in the web interface

With Foreman, I can add my servers with the following commands. However, some properties such as ram and cpu are wrong in the hardware properties. Also, for example, after yum update the server from the command line, foreman did not make the necessary update in the OS section in the web interface, even though Redhat changed from 8.6 to 8.8. I had to manually do the following " subscription-manager facts --update " How can I overcome such bugs. Or is there something I am missing.

Also is there any way to add the EPEL Package?

Each host automatically checks in with Foreman every 4 hours, including updating facts. In general these things should resolve themselves at the next host check-in.

Assuming you’re using Katello, you can add the EPEL package as a custom repository:

  1. Content > Products > Create product
  2. Name your product and click Save
  3. Click New Repository and select Yum as the repository type
  4. Fill in the ‘Upstream URL’ with the EPEL URL