Incorrect creating vmware network from image

Sorry for my english

I have a problem with the network in vmvare, after creating a host from the
image. In the interface settings, I see the names of my vmware networks and
the host is created correctly. Nevertheless, the network interface is
incorrect in vmvare … the name is correct, but the interface is
standard, instead of a distributed switch. Also, the interface is
disconnected and when I try to make it connected I get an error "Failed to
connect virtual device ethernet0". If you switch to the appropriate
distributed switch (in the web interface in vmvare), then everything starts
working correctly. Very similar to the problem by this link and I do not
know what to do

Please help.

vcenter 6.5.0
hypevisor VMware ESXi, 6.0.0, 3620759
foreman 1.15.3

any ideas?

there may be some necessary details?

I updated to 1.16 version, but still the problem remained. Foreman creates
a standard network instead of a distributed port group