Informational message on the screen during Puppet initial config


Do you have some methods to show/display information that the “Puppet” is still working after provisioning?

We will be provisioning a lot of “bare-metal” machines (laptops) and it would be really helpful for helpdesk to have some kind of information/notification that the Puppet’s “applying configuration” process is over (do they can disconnect the laptop from the network and connect another one). I was thinking about some message that is showing up on the screen or even maybe the email at the end but most preferable would be some message on the monitor during the “applying configuration process”.

Have you already been dealing with this problem? Do you have some solutions that you could share with?

Thanks in advance!

Anyone maybe?


Currently there’s no such message. I don’t know how to store this in Foreman, but we could modify the ENC script to set a flag and the report to clear the flag but AFIAK no such code exists.