Infra/Deployment/Platform Roadmap Update

Time for another bi-weekly (ish) update to the Roadmap. Note that two of
the items on here are complete or nearly complete: moving Katello puppet
modules and migrating Katello packaging to Foreman.

If anyone has any new items that feel need to be added to this list of
items please let me know.

  • Rails 5.X

  • Updates

  • Prior

  • need rh-ror50 or custom built SCL

  • consider whether we introduce a new SCL (e.g. tfm-ruby23) to separate
    RPMs built against old SCL vs. new

  • comment mmoll: We would need to upgrade Ruby (to 2.4 or 2.5) later,
    but I'd expect Rails 5.0 and even 5.1 to fully work also on Ruby 2.2

  • commend ekohl: if package names remained equal then it would simplify
    the installer/docs

  • should we jump to 5.1.latest and build the SCL instead? rh-ror50 is
    the last Rails SCL from RHSCL team

  • comment mmoll: with a little help from core and plugin devs, a move to
    Rails 5.1 for 1.17 feels achievable.

  • dlobatog: +1 - introducing the SCL to retire it quite soon will be a
    pain for upgrades and 5.1 for 1.17 doesn't seem that far off.

  • Jenkins Migration

  • Updates

    • None
  • Action Items

    • Migrate Jenkins master to EL7
  • add https interface to Jenkins

  • Completed

  • Jenkins Job Updates

  • Updates

    • Foreman plugins nightly release pipeline created and has replaced
      former Foreman plugins release jobs
    • Katello nightly release pipeline created and has replaced former
      Katello release jobs
  • Action Items

    • Migrate jobs to pipelines
  • What is the benefit for this effort?

  • modern approach, more secure, provides more efficient jobs, jobs that
    are protected against crashes and restarts

  • Move all jobs into JJB

  • Update JJB code location within git for discoverability

  • Update jobs to run tests with all plugins installed

  • Update hammer core tests to run tests also for the major plugins (at
    least foreman and katello)

  • Add job for running hammer integration tests against live

  • Completed

    • Foreman nightly release pipeline created and has replaced former
      Foreman nightly jobs
  • Running Container Stack

  • Updates

    • No updates
  • Prior

    • address Github issues created from initial merge
  • remove current hacks in deployment

  • build up test suite for verifying container stack

  • add Jenkins job to build containers nightly

  • find way to continuously test container deployment

  • Merging katello-packaging to foreman-packaging

  • Updates

    • Nearly all Katello packages have been migrated to foreman-packaging
      (1 PR left)
    • katello-packaging has been deprecated for all but Katello 3.5 and
  • Release automation

  • Updates

    • No updates
  • Action Items

    • Using tool_belt & foreman_release to do the
      cherry_picking/tagging/building/signing automatically
  • Update About - Foreman
    Release_Process to document how it should work

  • Moving Katello puppet modules to foreman (COMPLETE)

  • Updates

    • All modules have been migrated to Foreman github organization
    • modulesync in foreman has been updated
    • Katello's fork for modulesync has been deprecated
  • Merging katello and foreman installers

  • Updates

    • No updates
  • Action Items

    • Move all checks/hooks
  • Add katello modules

  • Move bin/{foreman-proxy-certs-generate,katello-certs-check}

  • Migrate scenarios

  • Sort out the packaging

  • Add deprecation notices to katello-installer / wipe master branch

  • Updated yum repository structure

  • Updates

    • No updates
  • Action Items

    • Email thread discussing re-structure of repositories
  • agree on layout

  • re-factor mash scripts for new deployment

  • re-factor sync scripts to yum/deb repositories

  • update foreman release RPM for new repositories

  • Move package building from Koji to Copr

  • Updates

    • No updates
  • Action Items

    • Phase 1: Submit builds in paralel - only rubygems and nodejs
  • Phase 2: Submit builds in paralel - foreman-core packages

  • Phase 3: Migrate to Copr

  • Multi-server service deployment

  • Migration off of Openshift V2

    • Updates
      • None
    • Notes
  • Redmine – moved to stand alone server and off of Openshift entirely

  • prprocessor – still running on Openshift V2

  • etherpad – moved from katello to foreman openshift v2 instance

··· -- Eric D. Helms Red Hat Engineering

I'll add that I'm planning to attempt the Redmine upgrades once the
day-to-day tweaking of the Discourse platform calms down a little.
Hoping to get started this week.