Infrastructure SIG Meeting Notes 2022-04-07

Present: @evgeni (chair), @ekohl (notes), @mcorr, @pcreech, @ehelms, @Zhunting, @ezr-ondrej

There have been Discourse threads since the last meeting.


Archived because they were completed:

In progress

CentOS 9 Stream Support · Issue #1687 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

@pcreech attached a new builder to Koji, running CentOS 9 Stream. It only runs CentOS 9 Stream builds now, but that can be expanded later if desired. Currently that means just Pulpcore 3.18 but once other packages become available (hopefully Foreman client packages) they can also be built on it.

At the moment there are no DNF modules on EL 9 which makes life a lot easier.

Migrate to new infra on OpenShift · Issue #1473 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

The Jenkins running on OpenShift lost its connection to OpenShift so it can’t spin up nodes. Blocked on Issue #728: OCP Jenkins lost cloud integration - centos-infra -

Investigate Azure's FOSS credits program · Issue #1671 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

@Odilhao made progress, but there were some complications around the Code of Conduct. @Odilhao is now on leave so will likely need to wait until he’s back.

Allow use of Jenkinsfiles · Issue #1683 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

Now that Eric is back we can get an update. It’s waiting on feedback on Create an internal folder to hold all JJB jobs by ehelms · Pull Request #101 · theforeman/jenkins-jobs · GitHub.

Automation of packaging bumping plugins and dependencies · Issue #1693 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

Job now runs well, except that if there are no packages to bump it fails with a weird error (see the issue for details). This means we ca turn it into a cronjob. That does mean we need notifications if it fails.


Project missing LICENSE · Issue #1120 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

Assigned to @ehelms

Need a new owner for Discourse · Issue #1709 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

@ekohl will ensure the steps he has taken to update are documented

Move prprocessor to shared infrastructure · Issue #1679 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

@ekohl will go on extended leave, assigned and will be picked up. The resources on will be used to host this.

Resources on · Issue #1678 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

Clarified what to do:

  • Document the resource availability
  • There are individual issues for PRProcessor & Redmine migration

Then it can be closed.


Create a dashboard to view RSS statistics · Issue #1699 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

Agreed it’s a good idea. Moved to TODO and @mcorr will expand the requirements.


EL8 work should be increased in priority with the deprecation of running Foreman on EL7.