Insight into the installer dependencies

While doing major version bumps I wanted more insight into which modules we had and their dependencies. In the end I wrote a gist.

The brief version with only our own modules:

A slightly more complete one with also external ones (but concat, stdlib and extlib excluded):

To me this is useful in knowing in which order I need to bump requirements. Sadly this doesn’t look at soft dependencies because sadly Puppet doesn’t support that.

Hopefully others can benefit from this as well.


Great work. Did you autogenerate this or was it manual process? Would it make sense to put it into dev handbook? Or to installer readme perhaps? Or foreman-packaging repo readme. Does this change often (I hope not)?

See the linked gist. That creates a graphviz dot file by reading the metadata.json files.

It doesn’t change that often, but I would like to make some changes :slight_smile: @mmoll is submitting PRs to remove dependencies from our puppet module and I’m thinking about merging foreman_proxy_content into katello but those are not drastic.

An obvious way to use this is to start at the bottom levels to do releases so you can ensure metadata allows major version bumps.

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Oh I though the gist linked the .dot syntax :slight_smile: Thanks!