Install CentOS based livecd using Foreman


Is it possible to install livecd through Foreman? When I unpack the livecd, the folder structure is very different from regular unpacked iso.
The live cd folder structure has isolinux but inside isolinux there is no ‘images/pxeboot’ folder. All i can see is initrd0.img and vmlinuz0 inside isolinux folder.
How can I install this livecd through foreman on my systems. Can I clone the kickstart default iPXE file and hardcode the path to the kernel and initrd that’s present inside isolinux? As a matter of fact, I tried this but looks like it doesnot like these initrd and vmlinuz. It gave me “system halted” error.

Since, this is not a regular CentOS install, I did not provide any kickstart default files. Its a livecd that boots directly into RAM just like foreman discovery image.

Any help will be highly appreciated!