Install of foreman and katello

I Installed foreman 2.5 with katello 4.1 using the instructions provided.

I noticed that the puppet modules, foreman-installer creates are exactly the same which i can find in github. It seems that i should be able to use these puppet modules for building a new foreman/katello server.

Is that right?

I noticed most of the modules are in /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/modules where as the katello is in /usr/share/foreman-installer/modules/katello.

My question is that where does the puppet file live which initiates the below modules for foreman and katello. I believe there will be a file which calls these modules in a certain order so dependencies can be preserved.
Please provide me the pp file that calls these modules.

[root@foreman25 modules]# ls /usr/share/foreman-installer/modules/katello
blah CONTRIBUTORS files LICENSE manifests metadata.json templates types
[root@foreman25 modules]# pwd
[root@foreman25 modules]# ls
apache augeasproviders_core certs datacat dns foreman foreman_proxy_content postgresql puppet redis systemd translate xinetd
apt augeasproviders_sysctl concat dhcp extlib foreman_proxy inifile pulpcore qpid stdlib tftp trusted_ca

You can definitelly use the puppet modules directly, but we do not have simple pp file that does that, but instead we utilize Kafo project, that takes care of Variables and modules order for us and in addition provides the CLI wrapper for it, that makes foreman-installer.

Thanks for your response.
Can you please direct me to the project.