Install package from foreman interface KO - with yum install command OK


I want to install a package on a host collection from foreman interface. All installation failed wtih the message “:katello-host-tools-tracer.: Aucun paquet disponible pour installation”
In english : :katello-host-tools-tracer.: no package found to install

When I try the command “yum install katello-host-tools-tracer” on one of this server, the package is found.
I don’t understand the problem.


could it be just a typo? The package name in the error message seems to contain a dot at the end. Also the leading colon feels wrong

Thanks for you reply.

it’s not, there is a star after the dot :


I don’t know why, and before too

I try with an other package (mlocate) and it’s OK.

So, link between client and Katello server is ok.

Its’ incredible, Itry other packages and this tis the only one which failed

Same result for foreman-client-release package which is in the same repository. It’s very strange