Installation of Ubuntu 22.04 fails


If I try to PXE boot into the installer of ubuntu 22.04, I am getting this error:

This is the installation media:

Expected outcome:

Working installer

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman 2.5

Ubuntu 22.04 is not supported due to breaking changes on the Ubuntu side.

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Will this be back ported to Foreman 2.4?

Foreman versions prior to 3.1 are out of support, so no, this won’t be backported to 2.4.


Too bad, as I can’t update due to problems with foreman-proxmox, which has huge issues with foreman > 2.4.

Hey @ahoiroman!
If you want to get updates on the Ubuntu 22.04 support, just check out this thread.

Hi @ahoiroman
I have created a draft PR to document the deployment of Ubuntu 22.04.