Installing Foreman & Katello in RHEL8

Hello, is there any existing “official” documentation about how to install Foreman & Katello in RHEL8?

I can see RHEL8 is listed as a supported platform for Foreman 3.2 but when checking for Katello I have no clear if RHEL8 is already supported. This is the close info I have found:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I installed Foreman 3.2/Katello 4.4 successfully on AlmaLinux 8 (RHEL 8 clone) by just following the the installation instructions for CentOS 8.

@tedevil thanks for your response (sorry about my late response, I was away from computers :smiley: ). Can you share the link you use for your deployment? Essentially my problem is related to the scheduling jobs to run tasks, like install packages, from the Foreman portal. All jobs fail.