Hello everyone, i am Ruby developer from CloudLinux and i want to help with contributing Foreman !
My name is Maxim here’s my Redmine account Maxim Petukhov - Foreman and GH maccelf · GitHub
So I hope I can be helpful in contributing Foreman somehow


Welcome! I already saw one PR (Fixes #32710 - tftp support for Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux by maccelf · Pull Request #690 · theforeman/puppet-foreman_proxy · GitHub) so I have some idea where your interest is but maybe there’s more :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome @maccelf !

Thank you for your contributions so far!

We have some resources here if you want to start small.
If you have a particular area of interest, let us know and we can make some suggestions. You’re also welcome to participate in reviews, give feedback, etc. This is also a vitally important part of making Foreman as stable and successful as possible.

[1] - Easy and Trivial Issues - Foreman
[2] - Good first issues - Foreman core - Foreman

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Thank you for review ! Yea, that’s not it all :sweat_smile: