Is foreman 2.0.0 stable?

Hi there,

first: I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. I am new around here and trying to find my way around.

I started working with foreman only a few days ago with version 2.0.0. Since then I had many issues with things not working/not being supported/ broken by updates, etc. This made me think: Are there unstable/testing/stable versions of foreman (like for example with debian)? Is 2.0.0 maybe a developer version? Or is 2.0.0 considered to be the latest stable release of foreman?

thank you

Hey, we treat all stable versions with the same care. Updates are always for latest stable version and one older release (1.24 in this case). Once 2.1 is out few weeks, 2.0 will still be supported for another 3 months.

It is fair to say that 2.1 will be upstream version for Satellite 6.8 (the biggest product based on Foreman) and this sometimes lead to more patches going into the stable branch. But it’s not always the case, depends on how good is the upstream release.

If you seek long term support, consider buying Red Hat Satellite or Orachino, these are the two major products based off Foreman with professional services and support teams.