Is it possible to configure puppetssh for MS Windows?

Do you have a better way or do I have to go back to using mcollective :frowning:

I have puppetssh configured for Linux, but I do not see how to get
puppetssh to ‘Run Puppet’ on a Windows host.

At the moment I am looking at a few options to have ssh running as a
service on the Windows hosts.

I am also thinking that switching to custonrun to do what I need. Can any
body let me know where to go to find out what are the customrun_args are?
Is operatingsystem one of them?

Is it possible to have a hash of operatingsystem -> command? That could
also include other forma of Unix, AIX, BSD, Mac OS etc. In fact whatever
the Puppet client will run on. I only need Linux & MS Windows but I see no
need to limit our options.

Working with ‘smart-proxy’ + plugin is another option but at the moment I
don’t like the look of it.

Regards, Mike.