Is removing password field from Image form (AzureRm CR) a good idea?

In case of AzureRm compute resource, username and password are the fields mandatory in the host form i.e. they are the part of compute_attributes already. In such a case, where the create image action also has a password field (although, optional) might lead to some confusions. This is because the username and password in Image form expect the exact same value that user will enter in the host form later.

I think based on this it prefers vm.password if image.password is absent, and based on this image.username is important. So, how about removing just the password from Azure Image form? I see that password in case of image is anyway just present in oVirt, Libvirt and VMWare while not in EC2, GCE and Openstack.



can you explain, why credentials are part of host form and not the image? Logically, it makes sense to be part of the image just like for any other CR.

I am not sure if this is going the right direction.