Is that multi-homed configuration possible?


I'm struggling with that network configuration, I can't make it works on
the last RC version:

My VMs need 2 interfaces, one as primary + fqdn + DNS creation without DHCP
( static assignment ) on VLAN1, the other one is used as DHCP /
provisioning only on VLAN2.

It doesn't seems possible is it?



This should be possible since Foreman 1.8. You can add nboth NICs when
filling out the New Host form, set one of them with the "Primary" flag
(this controls hostname, puppet certificate etc) and set the other
with the "Provisioning" flag (which controls TFTP). The prmary NIC can
be configured on a static subnet (presumably via a proxy which does
not have the DHCP feature) and the provisoning NIC can be added to a
DHCP subnet

The only thing I would suggest is to create the provisioning NIC as
the first entry in the table. Foreman doesn't care what order they are
in, but the underlying Compute Resource might - some only ever boot
from the first device.

Hope that helps,