Is there any way to get a view of patches available for Ubuntu like we can for RHEL/COS?

I would like to be able to get the same type of information that I can for RHEL/COS systems in regards to security patches/erratas available and that should be applied. I k now that erratas are not something that Ubuntu has but I would like to be able to see security patches that need to be applied to a ubuntu system in a similar fashion.

To have some ability to see security patches needing to be applied to a ubuntu system and apply them similar to RHEL/COS.

Foreman v1.15.6

It seems like the only use for ubuntu atm is for provisioning systems and using puppet. Since we use ansible for the things one would use puppet for there isn’t much use here. I would appreciate any guidance/help anyone might have.

As you mentioned, Ubuntu doesn’t have errata similar to RH based oses, which is the tool used to tell which security patches are needed on these systems.
However, as far as being able to use .deb packages with Katello, I know there has been some work done recently by @Bernhard_Suttner and others, so I believe they will be able to elaborate regarding where .deb support is currently at.

Hi Edward,
at the moment, the integration of debian content involves apt repositories, that can be added to products and can be made available in contentviews.
The errata concept of both debian and ubuntu is quite different from rh or suse, as the security issue information is published separately, as well as the security-updates are published in a separate repository.
All i can give you now, is that we are working on a proof of concept to integrate this information into the katello database.