ISC Kea smart proxy plugin?

Is anyone working on a Smart Proxy plugin for Kea (the next gen ISC DHCP server)?

I would be willing to sponsor the development of one (and have someone who might be able to work on it) but I’m not really sure where or how to get them started on the project.

Any thoughts?

I am not aware of someone working on it and also not about someone who provides development of Foreman / Smart proxy plugins and providers.

The only one coming to my mind is a Polish company how developed some tooling around Foreman and help with Plugin development for @TimoGoebel. Perhaps he knows if this could be an option and get you in contact with them?

I would start with How to Create a Smart-Proxy Plugin - Foreman and looking at other implementations. It’s usually best to start this in a plugin so you can iterate quickly.

FYI we are tracking this request in Feature #17615: Introduce KEA DHCP provider for smart-proxy - Smart Proxy - Foreman and I am not aware of anyone working on it.

The company is called They have done some great stuff in the Foreman ecosystem for us, though were mostly focused on Foreman and not smart-proxy. But I’m pretty sure they would be able to do this.

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Thank you for referring us, @TimoGoebel! We surely look forward to do more Foreman development.