Issue while Building a node through Foreman

We are having issues while Building a new server through Foreman. We have puppet, satellite 5 Integrated environment here. It was working fine before. However now getting some error. Please find attached the screen image of the error.
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```![IMG_20190522_144359863|666x500](upload://6KgcVUGh8hG6dxEbGLlicAyOraN.jpeg) by


it looks like there was a problem with your uploaded screenshot.
Can you pleas re-upload the screenshot and ensure it is visible or upload it to a public site?


Please find the attached .JPEG image with the error.

From the error messages, I would assume you have some sort of problem with you network config while DHCP booting.
Please check for the following things:

  • Your DHCP Server responds with the correct IP and Network information
  • Nextserver and Bootfile entries in the DHCP config are set correctly
  • Your filewall is not blocking TFTP and HTTP traffic

I’ve seen this error before and it was always related to some sort of network and/or DHCP misconfiguration.