Issues with new Ubuntu 18 build

The build seems to work ok but it does get stuck on 2 parts (stuck meaning manual input)
I want the whole build to be unattended, below are the 2 stopping points:

  1. Choose a mirror of the Ubuntu archive:
    And I have to manually choose

  2. Partition disks
    I just click enter on the suggested amount of volume group to use for guided partitioning.

My other issue is that after it builds the desktop doesn’t really work, basically when I right click and click open terminal
it just freezes.

Attached is my partition table and provisioning template. Can anyone provide any insight on what I need to change?

partition table:

provisioning template:

Can anyone take a stab at this?

@lzap any ideas?

Still looking for any advice if someone smarter then me can give a look at my 2 links.

Our templates should work out of box. Compare your template with the ones we ship.

When you say “stuck” what it means? Is there some kind of error? Or installer wants an entry?