Job Invocation never ends

Operation System: CentOS 7.7
Foreman Version: 1.22.2

I created an Ansible job template with several input parameters:
sga_target_mb** : 2048
pga_target_mb** : 256
redo_memsize** : 50
redo_grpcount** : 3
data_gb** : 200
reco_gb** : 100
nls_characterset** : AL32UTF8
nslnchar_characterset** : AL16UTF16
tarballname** : dbHome_19.6.0.0.tgz
installtype** : DBINTERN

I run this Job against a server, the Ansible Job finished but Status remained by “running 100%”. I looked at the Job Task page and found a MySQL Error:

Mysql2::Error: Data too long for column ‘message’ at row 1: INSERT INTO `notifications …

Indeed i found that the field messages in table notifications is declared as VARCHAR(255), the message was 320 characters. I modified the column to VARCHAR(8192) and this error went away, the problem with “running 1oo%” still persists.
So i took a look on various tables in Foreman and found out that i have to modify all of these columns:

ALTER TABLE foreman_tasks_tasks MODIFY action VARCHAR(8192);
ALTER TABLE job_invocations MODIFY description VARCHAR(8192);
ALTER TABLE notifications MODIFY message VARCHAR(8192);

I think this is a bug, can you please fix it?

Thank you,

Thomas (Germany)

Hello Thomas and welcome back!

This does indeed sound like a bug.
However, we are dropping support for MySQL in Foreman 2.0 due to many such issues that we were seeing as a result of trying to support multiple databases. You can read more about the reasoning and the way to migrate your data to PG in Foreman :: Dropping support for MySQL.