Just wanted to drop some kudos - Katello 3.17 is AMAZING

Howdy, all!

I’ve been working with Satellite 5 since 2005 and Satellite 6 since early betas. I won’t say I’m an expert, but I know a decent amount. I have to say that the 3.17 release of Katello is really, really good. The Satellite team at Red Hat knows that I’m good at doing dumb things to Katello/Satellite and exposing weird bugs. I’m also good at following the docs exactly as if I’d never seen the product before to see what customers experience. I’ve been beating on 3.17 pretty hard, and the docs are well done and easy to follow, and I have not been able to break the tech yet. I’m super impressed. This is really, really good stuff. Thank you for a solid release, it’s a pleasure to work with this!


Well, there are not many people with as deep knowledge of Katello/Satellite as you. I am assuming you’re the Thomas who worked for Red Hat :slight_smile:

For some with deep understanding of OS, the project and other moving parts, Katello/Foreman is indeed really helpful. We still need to work on better experience for less experienced people, yeah. But nice things are ahead (Pulp3, new UI, better performance of reports and facts, new features).

Thanks, it’s great to hear this. Keep the feedback coming. Cheers!

great to see you here Thomas and glad 3.17 is working out well for you, appreciate the kudos!

Great job, Team!