[katelllo] problem with package group filters


Currently with katello 2.0, I have a problem with package group content
filters in a content view. I have been looking for an existing bug
report, but haven't been able to find one.

When I choose either an include or exclude filter with content type
package groups, there is an enormous amount of package groups listed in
the "List/Remove" tab. The list contains 4700 package groups and covers
all the repo's, even all the repo's I haven't added to the content view.
Also when I search for "KDE" as example, I get about 20 entries returned
which are all the same and all from the same repo.

And even if I want to spend the time to select all of them, I cannot
remove them as the "Remove package group" button doesn't work.

Is there something I can do to fix this or should I file a bug and
forget about using them for now?

Met vriendelijke groet, With kind regards,

Jorick Astrego

Netbulae Virtualization Experts

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